I am passionate about delivering effective marketing strategies, elegant User Experience (UX) Design and creative graphic design and get a real buzz from seeing positive results from the campaigns and initiatives I have been involved with.

I am extremely user focused and always go the extra mile to deliver the best experience for the customer and optimum results for the client.

Recent success stories

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Skills: UX and visual design
Commissioned photography and a user-centred website helped a homelessness charity to re-position itself to create more awareness, engagement and funding. View case study and testimonials

Skills: UX, visual design and SEO
Marketing strategy, branding guidelines and a website re-design helped to commercialise a social enterprise and increase website traffic by 700%. View case study and testimonial.

Skills: UX and UI design with technology identification
Optimised the customer journey for Herefordshire Art Week membership website which has acquired paid-up members (210 artists and 104 venues) while the h.Art guide has been downloaded 5,428 times.

Skills: UX and UI design with technology identification
Part of a team that developed cloud based software Web2Artwork that saves publishers of large documents, such as directories, programmes and guides, time money and stress. View demo at Web2Artwork.

Skills: SEO, digital marketing and social media
With more restaurants per head of population than anywhere outside London, a responsive website, cloud based booking systems, commissioned photography, events and effective marketing campaigns enable Ignite to compete in Edinburgh’s hotly contested dining scene. View case study and testimonial.

Skills: Digital design, digital marketing and eCommerce
Created a recipe using online and offline marketing ‘ingredients’ to generate frequent sales of cookery books for a leading chef and author, Christopher Trotter. View case study and testimonial.

Skills: Digital design, eCommerce and SEO
How an e-commerce website with a successful social media strategy helped an online music memorabilia shop to become a global hit. View case study and testimonial.

Skills: Digital design, eCommerce and SEO
How I contributed to growth and development of an Olympic sport in Scotland. View case study and testimonial.

I have worked in the graphic design and marketing profession for over twenty years and currently work as a marketing marketing manager and UX Designer at The Nth Degree while studying for a Diploma in Digital Marketing with the Cambridge College of Marketing and Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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