Expertise across a wide range of digital marketing activities include: web design and development, email marketing, video production and social media.

Additional skills in graphic design and offline promotions: logo design and branding, illustration, photography and design for print.


My passion for digital marketing

I am passionate about technology-led marketing strategies designed to create customer communities, drive commercial growth and brand awareness; digitally enabled by cutting-edge technologies, supported by seminars, events and traditional engagement strategies using print.

My experience in graphic design and advertising combined with technical skills in website design and development, internet marketing and software design, enables me to deliver significant results and a return on investment.

In the 2 minute clip below, I give a summary of the outcomes for a recent project for a social enterprise where an in-depth marketing strategy is aligned to the latest technology and tactics.

Latest product – Web2Artwork

In spring 2014, my consultancy The Nth Degree Marketing & Design developed an online publishing system Web2Artwork in collaboration with our social enterprise client Brightstripe. Web2Artwork removes manual and labourious procedures from publishing documents such as programmes, directories and guides.

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About me

My marketing and design agency The Nth Degree worked in collaboration with a social enterprise client Brightstripe to develop an online publishing system Web2Artwork that creates artwork for printed publications from user submitted copy and images via a secure website (no software required).

The software removes manual and timing consuming processes normally required when creating a document for print. The 3.30 minute video demo below gives an overview of how users add information and images then the end result of it – creation Adobe InDesign artwork on the designer’s workstation ready for typesetting and design development.

Following Brightstripe’s adoption of Web2Artwork I have commercialised the software and aim to introduce the system to businesses and organisations that have similar publishing requirements.


How we re-positioned a social enterprise for growth and success


On 2 October 2014 at The Melting Pot, Edinburgh, my agency The Nth Degree Marketing & Design hosted and co-presented with Aileen Caskie from Dynamic Heart a seminar to explain how an in-depth marketing strategy aligned to creative design, a dynamic website and a software solution have re-positioned their social enterprise client, Brightstripe, on course for sustainable growth and success.


Web2Artwork publishing system

Web2Artwork is a SaaS (Software as a Service) or web based publishing system for creating Adobe InDesign artwork from user submitted information and images developed by The Nth Degree Marketing & Design in collaboration with their client, Brightstripe.

The 3.30 minute video demo below gives an overview of how users add information and images then the end result of it – creation Adobe InDesign artwork on the designer’s workstation ready for typesetting and design development.

Web2Artwork lets your customers add their own copy and images to their space in your publication – using any computer with internet access. The system is ideal for collaborative working, whereby contributions (copy, information and images) are supplied by numerous third parties.

My Instagram posts

What's the connecton between The Whitehart Inn pub in #Edinburgh and #StValentinesDay I hear you say? Well, when #RobertBurns became the toast of Edinburgh society he met the cultured and educated Agnes Maclehose. And so commenced one of the most celebrated platonic relationships – platonic because Agnes (also known as 'Nancy' and 'Clarinda') refused to indulge Burns in the ‘friendship of the thighs’ as she was a member of high society and separated from her husband. A few weeks ago my fiance and I enjoyed a few drinks here which is central Edinburgh’s oldest pub (The Whitehart Inn, down in the Grassmarket) which has many literary claims to fame, one of the most famous being the final secret meeting place between 'Clarinda' and Burns in 1791. This relationship inspired the famous work ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ which is full of longing and sadness as 'Clarinda' ended their relationship and left Scotland to start a new life in Jamaica. Here’s a few lines from Ae Fond Kiss: Ae fond kiss, and then we sever; Ae fareweel, and then forever! His thwarted physical passion found expression with Jenny Clow, one of Agnes Maclehose’ servants. Jenny died aged 26 – three years after after giving birth to Burns’ son. Robert Burns Clow grew up with his father and Jean Armour at their home in Dumfries. #lovestory #poet #poetry #Scotland #history

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